Monday, February 2, 2009

6 more weeks of winter weather

Well the groundhog has spoken--6 more weeks of winter weather. I must admit, we were hoping for warmer weather to arrive soon. But this is just one of the joys of living in the Northeast. We've had snow pretty regularly for the past couple of months with a few ice storms in between. Of course, having lived previously in Oklahoma, icy weather and road conditions are nothing new. James and I are thankful that the NE has an efficient snow/ice removal system, unlike Oklahoma (snow removal = the sun). We've been painting our house and finally painted the last room--the study. It was a long time coming, but looks nice. Next we're getting into the decorating mood, or at least I am! I made my first trip ever to IKEA and am IN LOVE! I am so excited about the new organizational furniture! Did I mention that I love shopping in the NE?! We are staying extremely busy between work and trips. It seems as though James is flying every other week, so Lizzie and I are holding down the fort in NJ. Lizzie has been extremely mopey tonight because James is gone. As soon as he pulls his suitcase out from the closet, she immediately morphs into Supremely Pitiful Puppy. So we are doing what we normally do--vegging on the couch, watching TLC shows...Hopefully I'm not the only one who gets sucked in by the family shows featuring the Duggars and Gosselins.