Monday, December 8, 2008

'Tis the Season

Life has been extremely busy at the Sprys' house. Once we returned from our honeymoon, James went on a 10-day trip overseas and the newlyweds spent their first official holiday---apart. With James OCONUS, Carrie was able to fly down to Georgia to spend time with her family. Since her Dad has been extremely ill, it was precious time and she was thankful for the opportunity of the visit. Once James arrived home, Christmas preparation and decorating began. We decorated our home, hung our wreath and flag outside, and put up our very first Christmas tree. We will try and add pictures of our home decor soon for everyone to see. Lizzie, our dog, has not disturbed our Christmas tree yet, but she did find her stocking. Reason being that one of her stocking gifts was a bag of treats. Her little nose smelled the goodies, so she sat underneath her stocking and barked for a good five minutes until we removed the treats. What a funny dog!

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  1. That's funny with Lizzie finding her stocking already! Smart girl!